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Experience for the customer's service

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Cassiodorus offers his services to industrial and services companies, organizations, associations, private institutions and public bodies.

-      Statistical Consulting (Data analysis, creation and use of database and matemathical models, data mining)

-      Statistical support for Business Intelligence projects (phenomenon modelling, key-variable, data cleaning...)

-      Statistical support for Business Plan (market researches, sales forecasts, sensitivity analysis...)

-      Planning and monitoring of financial resources, investment and financing choices and their effect on the general financial equilibrium

-      Creation of algorithms and forecasting models for Revenue Management projects 

-      Pricing algorithms and models

-      Econometric consulting

-      Risk forecast and analysis, also in the Trading sector

-      Statistical consulting in technical-scientific field

-      Statistical applications in business management (forecasting models, market evolution simulation, estimate of budget uncertainties, sales           forecasting, Worst case analysis, analysis of marketing strategy impact...)

-      Sample for certification auditing of financial statements (estimation, detection, acceptance sampling)

-      Statistical analysis of the financial statements 

-      Political consulting for analysis, planning and management of public offer and data analysis also for electoral purpose