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We provide an example of our work in the commercial sector.

A firm sells a good or service X.

For programming the offer, with the associated costs, it wants to estimate the demand for the next year. 

Assuming that the market share doesn't change for that year, it can study whether and how the demand for "X" depends on the GDP  of the countries where it operates.

For this reason it  is possible to do a regression analysis over many years and many countries, possibly a multivariate one taking into account  the price evolution of "X" in real terms.

It is possible to formulate a GDP forecast in several statistical acceptable manners, to insert the parameters estimated values and this forecast in the regression equations and price hipotesys of "X" in the following year.

A scenario will be obtained with several forecasts of the future product demand, in various national markets, each one paired with some probabilities.

According to these ones it will be possible for the firm trying to optimize the offer for the considered year.