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Dr. Valerio Raganelli

Rome  29.09.1951


From 1987 to 2009

Senior Database management Official in the Finance Department of the European Space Agency at its Paris Head Office

He has reached grade A4 in this coordinated International Organization.


  • analysis and preparation for publication of the Geographical Distribution of Industrial return

  • Defining, setting and operating the computerized Database Management System

providing counsel to Directors and member States on Industrial policy matters.


From 1985 to 1987

Conselor for Economics Statistic at Pitagora S.p.A. Cosenza (Calabria), Italy

 Main tasks:

  • advising clients and peers on data quality and reliability and data interpretation and preferred statistical processing;

  • advising top management about commercial off the shelf statistical data processing packages, based on market surveys and product evaluation.

    assisting in corporate sales campaigns and lialison with Italian press


From 1983 to 1984

Statistic and Econometrics Analyst in General Directorate for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Communities Commission, Brussell, Belgium

Appointment was outcome of a public competition extended to all Member States of the European Comminities.

Actively partecipated in the operations of the Link Model and in the design and analysis of the Comet Model, both powerful data processing tools required for E.C. short and medium term macroeconomic projections.                       


From 1976 to 1983

Electronic Data Processing Programmer and Analyst at Italsiel S.p.A., Rome, Italy.

Designed and implemented algorithms and mathematical and statistical models for the R.G.S. (the Italian State General Accounting Service), for tax yield forcast, wich where instrumental to the State Budget preparation process.




  • Member of Italian Association for Operational Research (A.I.R.O.)

  • Member of the European Working Group on Operational Research in the Public Sector


  • Member of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economics


University education starts in 1968, entering in the Physics college;

to this experience were added other courses and fellowships as detailed below

  • 1968 - 1973 Graduation in Physics (orientation General Pysics), University of Rome

  • Thesis: STATISTICAL FOUNDATIONS OF CLASSICAL FLUID MECHANICS, (original in Italian) tutor was late Carlo Cattaneo, tenured Professor of Rational Mechanics

  • 1973 - 1974: Federal Institute of technology Lausanne, Switzerland. Third cycle diploma in Mathematical Statistics; fellowship awarded by the Swiss Federal Government. This has also led to my first publication in a refereed journal

  • 1974 - 1974: University of Geneva, Switzerland: postgraduate studies in the field of Astrophisics and Cosmology; a fellowship was awarded by the Fondation Italo-Suisse

  • 2000: Universidad Federico Mayor, Valparaiso, Chile, Summer Session Programme of the International Space University from July to September


“Fourier transform, Bessel functions and eigenfunctions of a broad class of linear differential operators”  

Proceedings of the 6-th International Conference “Analytic Methods of Analysis and Differential Equations”: (editor S.V.Rogosin). – Vol. 2. Differential equations. – Minsk: Istituto di Matematica dell'Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze di Bielorusssia, 2012. – P. 115-119. 


“Un antico problema” con Luciano Giallombardo, ed. Colosseo, Roma 2005


“About the Analytical Solution of the Cauchy Problem for the Schrodinger equation, ТРУОЪІ ИHCIIIИIIIУIIIA MAIIIEMAIIIИKИ MИHCK (Proceedings Inst. Mathematics Minsk)2004, vol.12 n°2


“Introducing long Waves into Pasinetti’s model of structural change”  the price movements con Angelo Reati, Economie Appliquèe, vol. XLVI, n°1 (p.5), 1993

“Propagation of Acustic Waves in a non Homogeneous Discrete Medium, con Bruno Alessandrini, European Journal of Mechanics, sec. A, vol.11 n°4, 1992


“Fuzzy Sets and Databases”, comunicazione breve negli atti del World Congress on Computational Statistic, Roma (Italia), 1986



“An approximation Method in a Balance of Payments problem” - Proceeding of the Third Internationl Catalan Symposium on Statistic, Barcellona (Spagna), 1986


Un'applicazione del metodo di Ottimizzazione di Powell ad un problema di Econometria, con Silvana Pelosi - Nonlinear Optimisation and Applications, volume nella serie Quaderni dell'Unione Matematica Italiana, a cura di Incerti e Treccani. edizioni Pitagora, Bologna, 1980.


Modello Stocastico dell'Evoluzione di un Titolo Azionario e rischio connesso con il suo acquisto come investimento - Giornale dell'Istituto Italiano degli Attuari, vol. XXXVIII (p.110), 1975.


 “Alcune applicazioni della teoria del rischio alla Meccanica Quantistica - Giornale dell'Istituto Italiano degli Attuari, vol.XXXVI (p.109), 1973


- ITALIAN: native language 

- FRENCH: speak and write fluently

- ENGLISH: speak and write fluently

- SPANISH: speak and write fluently

- DUTCH: basic knowledge

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